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Maintaining Daily Stress

As a dual small business owner and entrepreneur, I have found myself craving to learn ways to maintain my sanity, stressload, and overall enhance my well being. Despite my very busy schedule, I’ve found it’s important to make and take time for my loved ones, but what’s even more important is doing something for myself every single day. Below are 9 ways I’ve found to help me to reset my focus, get outside of my own head, and continue to set myself up for success.

  1. Thoughts, Words, and Actions: Kind words toward yourself or others can be so small yet bring so much reassurance and happiness to yourself and others. Whether it’s words or actions, lending a helping hand or providing support toward someone other than yourself can make a difference in someone’s life.

  2. Sit Still and Listen: Sitting still in silence without your phone, computer, tv, or anything from the noise of the world, allows you to tune into your breathing pattern, your intuition, and overall be with your thoughts. This can provide you with the ability to process what your next move is or should be. Listen to your first answer within your head, heart, and gut. Try as best as possible within this moment to say the answer out loud to allow yourself to hear your internal monologue outside of your mind.

  3. Move Your Body: Physical movement is so important for our physical well being while also benefiting our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The movement could be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be but MOVING is key. Walking, yoga, pilates, dancing to music around your house, biking, hiking, strength training, swimming, running, jumping, etc. Do whatever feels natural to you, just be sure you get up and move.

  4. Gratitude: Every single day I take time to reflect and appreciate every single thing within my life. Whether it’s within my businesses, my personal life, or profession, I express so much gratitude. Tap in and say thank you for all the positive guidance you’ve had within your life. Being thankful for the things we take for granted or even the smallest things such as benign able to breathe, having our eyesight, having 10 fingers and toes, etc. We must step back and be so grateful for it all.

  5. Be Honest: “Honesty is the best policy!” Ever remember hearing that as a child? Well it’s true no matter what age you’re at. Even the smallest lies can snowball into bigger ones or lead to others down the line. There’s nothing good that comes out of lying or holding back. The honest truth may not always be easy, though a lie will more than likely be worse.

  6. Ignite your Happiness: Look toward yourself to create your own level of happiness. This goes hand in hand with gratitude, when we overlook the smallest aspects that we’ve been blessed with, we find ourselves looking at what others have or what we want instead of what we currently have right in front of us. If you desire another outcome, look to improve it, figure out ways to change your current situation and do that because it makes you happy. Throughout this journey surround yourself with those who celebrate you and your happiness, your wins both big and small, and look at how that type of happiness is contagious to those around you!

"Always remember it has to feel good....if it does not feel right...then move forward!"